Fashion Planner


Specializing in event management, we also arrange for fashion shows. Our services Fashion Show include arrangements of models, decoration, and preparation of dais to various other arrangements. Over the past years, we have organized fashion shows for a large number of clients and ensure them of timely execution of the necessary tasks. The fashion shows organized by us attract a large number of clients from the fashion industry and fashion houses. In the present assumption, every now and then we keep listening about a diversity of Indian and international fashion shows. We at Entrust Events, organizes exotic varieties of fashion show according to the choice of the clients. Usually in a fashion show, models walkway on to the ramps wearing designer haute couture wardrobe to exhibit his or her forthcoming line of clothing. As a fashion show organizer, we give a chance even to the new comers who want to make their career in this vast field of fashion show to demonstrate their designs and styles aiming not only for domestic clients but also for international clients. Once they get a golden opportunity, they might be in a position to earn a name, fame and establish their foot in this glamour world of fashion. What is the benefit to give a chance to the new comers? By adopting this policy, our budget clients are more attracted to demonstrate their products to the consumers and get popularity of their brand at budget rate or refashion Showsonable rate. Secondly, those enthusiasts who want a chance to enter into this professional world, they have the best opportunity to prove themselves. We are organizing almost all types of fashion shows – local fashion show mostly held at malls, fall fashion show, model fashion show, prom fashion show, national level fashion show and international level fashion show.

The services of Entrust Events in this filed of fashion show include arrangements of models, ornamentation, planning of dais to several other arrangements. Over the past few years, we have coordinated fashion shows in different parts of India for a large number of clients and assure them of timely performance of the necessary tasks. Our different fashion show like fashion concerts, swimwear fashion show, wedding fashion show, and other types of fashion shows organized by us attract a large number of clients from the fashion industry and fashion houses.