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The event is event whether it is big or small; it requires a professional to manage. Wedding Organizer. The wedding event is no more a home manageable affairs where one requires the different service providers to be contacted and negotiated. Furthermore, the precious time and resources consumed during the whole process of finding and searching

different kinds of professional for wedding events, if calculated probably waste by organizing it alone! So, in this busy life, it has become responsibility of the professional wedding planner to make A to Z arrangement for your wedding events. We, the professionals at Entrust Events & Music Entertainment take the responsibility in such a manner where you need not to worry for anything. Instead of becoming very stressful as the day of wedding approaches, we make you able to relax and enjoy your celebration as never before. Since the inception of wedding planning to Honeymoon destination; our effort is to make you free from anytension.

A Wedding planner works day in and day out so that you can sit beck comfort and luxuriously, while a perfectly scenic, Innovatively designed and thoroughly enjoyed reel unfolds and play in front of you scene by scene marveling and Wondering at how everything fell into place ever so perfectly and gently.

A Wedding planner is one who has anything and everything to do with your wedding day celebrations. A wedding planner not only visualizes and plans in advance but also organizes and executes the event with perfection and attention to minutest of details being taken care of with almost patience and a hospitable and people friendly attitude. Its not only bride or groom that a wedding consultant has to deal with but with each and every relative or friend that one can imagine. Only a people person an get through the entire process of wedding coordination with tech diplomacy and a near perfect execution to harmonize and bring everyone’s needs, requirements and wishes related, on same page.


India is far-famed for its broadened culture and religion. This is the rationality behind the diverse Indian communities have different wedding styles, customs, traditions, rituals and rites. In this busy life style, planning and organizing the wedding ceremony has become difficult to manage, probably waste by managing it alone. The time, resources, finding potential and professional service providers for everything required in the process of wedding function have made the marriage ceremony a difficult task and sometimes unmanaged vaguely wedding event. At this point, we, as a Wedding planner stand by with our clients to help them professionally plan, manage and coordinate their wedding event. As One Stop Solution for the entire wedding management since planning to honeymoon trip, we make it an event of unforgettable. Your reliability is our professionalism!

Keeping in mind the multi-religious and multi-culture society, we have devised the wedding Organizer event according the specific rituals and customs of the clients. However, our services start from the time of initial consultation, budget planning, deciding venues, guest accommodation arrangement, theme decor, beauticians & henna experts, local transportation, catering, floral and lighting décor, Mandap and stage, traditional attire for bride, groom and guests, photography and video, wedding cake, priest etc. For entertainment we have special groups of artists of folk dancers, musicians, cultural performers, live music & DJs, fire eaters, snake charmers, grand firework, hire elephants and horses for wedding procession and all that regally offers to create a unique wedding experience. Wedding ceremonies that require decorative treatment at the time of Ganesh Pooja, Mata Ki Chowki, Misri (Engagement), Sagri, Ghari, Teeka, Sangeet, Mehndi, Sehrabandhi, Ghudchadi, Jaimala, Pheras, Vidai, Reception etc.


Every ceremony, be it Sagaai, Sangeet, Menhdi, Shaadi, or bidaai is given a touch of class and every location is marked by the right blend of tradition and grandeur by Entrust Events Event Management company Entrust Events gives a personal touch to your wedding as a fantasy with everything ready and easily available in your fingertips.

A Wedding Planner helps cut down costs suitable considerably owing to his/her good contacts and extensive networks with all possible high quality vendors related to marriage coordination services and repeat orders resulting in better negotiation along with expertise related to best quality available at hand in reach at best prices too impeccably skilled to coordinate all services including photographers, videographers, florists, caterers, hotels, makeup Artist, jewelers, temples, banquets, musicians and disc jockeys to even travel agents results in an successfully chartered course of journey from planning to execution translating into far more spectacular wedding scene than ever envisioned by a couple or people concerned.

As a wedding Planner, you assume several roles simultaneously, be it of a visualizer, planner, organizer, Facilitator, mediator, budget-manager, executer or any other aspect concerned with marriage. Your role as a Wedding consultant could be extended to any length depending upon the client, even guidance on etiquette, venue Invitations, transportation, accommodations, honeymoon arrangements etc. Above all, it’s a wedding planners job to see that its client function is a success from safety and security to knowledge about various rules and regulations regarding events, comes under their scrutiny for an event that seem tailor-made.

Entrust Events Event Management company with its expert wedding planning team assists you not only in choosing and finalizing the location for your royal wedding but also provides you in pre functional services like transportation, Wedding cards, Bachelor's party. Main Functional Services like Floral arrangements, Theme décor, Perfect settings with Locales that matter, Tele-invites and Post-Wedding Services: Personal Serenade, Send-off Ceremony, etc. Therefore, in short Entrust Events & Music entertainment is absolutely the right place to make arrangements for all your wedding occasions, transportation, and honeymoon packages whether its national or international, you name it!! And lots more!!

All you have to do is choose your dream wedding location and your wedding planner as the Entrust Events Event Management company You will never be disappointed with your decision and as the name suggests you will have lots offun, entertainment all in a filmsical way but at the end of the day you will be left contented and satisfied with the service of our wedding planners provide you with, more with a touch of someone who will definitely make you feel and treat you as their own family members. Most importantly! Don’t worry about your pockets; it wouldn’t cost you a big fortune because are wedding planner is on your way with the most reasonable deals!!